Publications on software testing, agility and teamwork


  • Interview for InfoQ on my talk at Agile Testing Days on a “Journey to Sustainability”





  • Blog on the women in testing session I organised at Eurostar
  • Newsletter on new features in Jubula for Eclipse Oxygen
  • Column on JAXenter on UI Testing (German)
  • Blog article as an introduction for the Romanian Testing Conference


  • Eclipse Newsletter December 2016, “The ghosts of tests yet to come
  • Eurostar blog December 2016, “Java for Testers, Automation and Whole Team Quality
  • SQ Magazin December 2016, “Qualität aus der Perspektive eines Product Owners”
  • SQ Magazin December 2016, “ASQF Testing Day Niedersachsen”
  • Eclipse Magazin 3.16, “Project Quality Day Report”
  • Eclipse Magazin 2.16 “Jekyll and Hyde with Jubula”



  • Testing Experience EN, “Automated Acceptance Tests for Mobile Applications: Thoughts on Test Strategy”. With Markus Tiede
  • Eclipse Magazin, “Round up of the project quality day”


  • Eclipse Magazin, “Automatisierte Tests im mobilen Umfeld – der Umstieg aus der Desktopwelt”. With Markus Tiede
  • Testing Experience DE, “Automatische Akzeptanztests für mobile Anwendungen: Überlegungen zur Teststrategie”. With Markus Tiede

2011 (partially as “Alex Imrie”)

  • Testing Experience EN, “Accepting and embracing change in automated acceptance tests with Jubula”
  • SQ Magazin, “Jubula: Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft”
  • Eclipse Magazin, “Jubeln mit Jubula: Jubula Tutorial”
  • Java Tech Magazine, “Introducing Jubula”

2010 (as “Alex Imrie”)

  • Eclipse Magazin, “Usability in Eclipse Anwendungen (Teil 2)“. With Achim Lörke
  • Testing Experience EN, “Event Handling in Automated Acceptance Tests”. With Markus Tiede
  • Agile Record, “The double-edged sword of feature-driven development”

2009 (as “Alex Imrie”)

  • Eclipse Magazin, “Automatisiertes Testen von RCP Anwendungen”
  • Eclipse Magazin, “Usability in Eclipse Anwendungen (Teil 1)”, With Achim Lörke

Publications on linguistics

  • Rosalind A. M. Temple; Alexandra Schladebeck: Systems, Prosodies, and the Phonology of French: New Insights from a Case Study of the Clitic Pronouns. In French Studies 2016 70 (3): 383-403 Abstract, PDF
  • Schladebeck, A 2015: Rhythm as a Resource to Generate Phonetic and Phonological Coherence in Lists. In Vogel, R and van de Vijver (eds.) Rhythm in Cognition and Grammar. A Germanic Perspective. Berlin. De Grutyer 277-310
  • As Imrie: Imrie, A 2008: Rhythm as a Resource to Generate Phonetic and Phonological Coherence in Lists. In York Papers in Linguistics YPL 2 Issue 9, editors Alexandra Galani, Daniel Redinger and Norman Yeo 23-47 PDF
  • As Imrie: Imrie, A 2007: Turn-final plosives and turn-taking in Liverpool English: an alternative to lenition. University of York: Unpublished MA Dissertation. Download: Imrie_MADissertation